Accessories to Consider when buying an espresso machine

The helpful addition to our kitchen, known as the espresso machine would become even more helpful and fun if you add some accessories to it.  They are what make the espresso making process unique and more personal.  Here is a helpful guide of what accessories to consider when buying an espresso machine.

Espresso machine accessories

The Tamper

Most espresso machines come with a tamper, but it is usually made of plastic and will never satisfy your needs.  So, it is recommended to buy your own tamper.  Their prices vary and there are a lot of good quality articles on the market, which would help you to make your shot of espresso perfect.


No shot of homemade cappuccino or espresso should be drunk into a paper cup or in some general cup, found by chance on your counter.  There are thousands of beautiful and especially designed cappuccino and espresso cups, which add to the flavor of the beverage.  Coffee connoisseurs know only too well that the cup has its part in the development of the taste of the coffee.  Because of that, the size, thickness, make, material and shape of the cup are of great importance for the flavor of the espresso.

Knock Boxes

The purpose of the knock boxes is to knock out the spent puck from the portafilter.  The best choice here is a knock box that fits under the portafilter.  There are a lot of options at the market and even the one to order a customized knock box for your espresso machine.

Steaming Pitchers

The steaming pitchers are usually bell-shaped or round and are used to handle the spout.  Professionals recommend buying a pitcher with a pointed spout, which would allow you to pour nice foam.

Cleaning Supplies

The process of espresso making is not a clean job, but if you want your espresso to taste good you need to keep your equipment clean all the time.  The espresso machine, the group head, the reservoir, the portafilter, etc, everything needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.  To do that you would need different cleaning supplies – for the metal and brass parts, for the steel parts and something special for the cleaning of the grinder from the remaining oils.

The process of brewing a great cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream starts with the purchasing of a great machine, good quality coffee beans, pure water, and the appropriate accessories. And that is where the accessories come to mind.  So, consider carefully what kind of tamper, coffee cups and knock boxes you will need and make sure to purchase them in time.