Why you should buy a Bread Machine?

My Zojirushi bread makerWell, if you have been finding motivation to buy that Bread Machine you have wanted to buy, then you have reached the perfect page. I have been in your place, speculating a lot, thinking for like innumerable hours that whether I should buy it or not. Or whether I would be able to make judicious use of it or not? But, believe me, one day I just got bored of thinking so much and started research online. So after long hours of research, I decided to settle for Zojirushi bread maker, the number one rated bread machine by the eco-chef. It arrived before its time and I set the machine going for regular bread. From that day I have been using my bread machine for almost every day to make one thing or the other.

nutty breadOnce I was good with the basic bread (3 attempts later), I tried to experiment and made nutty bread. It was followed by quick bread and from then, I have made lots of different things in it. Apart from bread, I have made cookie dough, pizza dough, sourdough starter, jam, soups, syrups, chili and meatloaf in my bread maker. Everything turned out fine and I never ran any errand to the supermarket again.

Though I tried a different recipe every time I used the bread maker, I ended up saving on my regular budget. It may come as a surprise to all of you, but yes it is the truth that regular cooking at home will save a lot of bucks as compared to eating out or eating packed food. And it is true for the bread too. With a bread maker, you have to invest in the machine itself and that too only once. And then, you can use it as you want and as many numbers of times as you want. The cost of eating packaged bread for one year will itself give you an idea that making bread at home is way too cheaper than the market bread.

Well, if you are looking for another solid reason, here it is. The packaged bread contains ‘Bromates’ which are the chemical compound capable of causing cancer in humans. These, as well as lots of other preservatives, are added in the packaged bread which means that you get to eat a lot of chemicals on a daily basis. However, if you make the bread at home, you will add only those things which are required and steer clear of the chemicals or food preservatives. This is another major reason that I started making my own bread at home.

Now, I think that you might have got all your reasons. So, get up, put on those shopping shoes and buy that machine.

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